Our solar water heater solutions are designed to provide money-saving, energy efficient, comfortable and easy to control systems and come in a range of capacity & sizes for your home. Integrating advanced technologies such as heat pump, high efficient solar collectors and backup coil provides you with perfect comfort with zero carbon emissions.

Are you feeling it a hassle to use the regular water heater that operates in the electricity in Bangalore? As the human, it is the responsibility to save the earth and its wealth for the forthcoming generations. However, certain needs cannot be denied. So, looking for an alternative is a wise decision. One simple example is the water heater. Calculate the amount that you spend on the electric water heater per annum. Why don’t you cut this from your regular budget? You can immediately switch to the solar water heater as you can get the energy directly from the sun and use them to heat the water. This is also a budget-friendly decision.

We at SunPV Energy in Bangalore assure you that we will be responsible to install all the necessary equipment for the process that will heat the water in all the climatic conditions. We are one of the leading service providers in installing and maintaining the solar water heater in Bangalore. You can immediately contact us through our website or call us to discuss more on the efficient project.

Further, you can also apply for the quotation to know about the cost-efficient service that we offer. Installing the solar water heater is the best decision that you have made to be environment-friendly, cost-effective and peaceful services. We will help you with the overall installation and maintenance process. Do not delay to implement such a nature-friendly idea in your house. Contact us now and enjoy the best service from us!

solar water heater in bangalore
solar water heater in bangalore

Tapping Energy from Sun and Air


Combining Solar collectors with a Heat pump can provide significant efficiency and performance benefits and is the best way to ensure that SWH and HP work in harmony. A major advantage of using integrated solution is the opportunity to use renewable as SWH and low carbon technologies as heat pump, fully integrated for optimum performance.

Energy Savings
Integrated heating systems absorb natural energy from the sun and outside air, thus consuming less energy compared to conventional heating systems.

Energy savings heating systems helps to reduce heating bills through high efficiency systems up to 300 percent more efficient than traditional conventional heating systems.


Heat Pump

  •  Low operating cost – saving 80% of an electric heater, 25% of solar water heater.
  •  High energy efficiency – high coefficient of performance.
  •  Continuous hot water supply – Uninterrupted operation during night time or rainy days or coldly days (24X7).
  •  Reliable and durable – Can last for years with little or no maintenance.


Heating performance without trouble in cold weather, Possible to get stable hot water discharge of max 80 deg C at low temperature.


Heat Pump

Heat pumps are highly energy efficient as most of the energy for heating comes from the external environment, and only a fraction comes from electricity.

solar water heater in bangalore

In Heat pump, 1kW electricity consumed the heat transferred will be 3kW. The amount of electrical energy needed to heat water is greatly reduced compared to a conventional water heater in which, for 1kW electricity consumed the heat transferred is only 1kW. Thus in the heat pump, the coefficient of performance (ratio of output power to input power) is high.


  •  plit type system for flexible
  •  Rugged and reliable rotary compressor
  •  High energy efficiency -COP of 4
  •  Stainless steel 304 grade tank for water storage  to withstand  corrosion
  •  Utilizes as low as 0.9 KW input ,delivers heat output up to 3.71KW
  •  High rated pressure of bars

Solar Collectors

The collectors use the energy from the sun to heat water combined with storage tank and heat pump to provide continuous hot water, the robust fiberglass collector offers outstanding durability and a superb price-performance ratio.


  •   Excellent value & optimal performance using high selective absorbers coating
  •  Screwless & absorber theft-proof design, lightweight & robust design with high aesthetics
  •  Unique clamp set design for faster installation without use of drill machine

Simple Operation
Preset hot water temperature at your finger tips


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