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Save Water by Measuring

Reliable and Accurate IoT meters with
real-time data at your finger tips

Introducing SunPV AquaFit

SunPV AquaFit Wireless Remote Systems offers reliable remote monitoring solutions for accurate measurements. The detailed information provides daily water consumption, flow of water, quality of water and water levels in an interactive dashboard with the help of IoT smart meters and LoraWAN gateway technology


LoRaWAN water level sensors detects the depth of the water and initiate relevant actions automatically

IoT based Water Level Monitoring system is an innovative system which will inform you about the level of water and will prevent it from overflowing

Ultrasonic level sensor will be mounted inside water tanks. The sensor detects the level of the water and sends the data to a LoraWan gateway. The data is further transmitted to cloud, where it converts the raw data into meaningful information (water level) and also switching on/off of the pump can be automated based on these data points

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